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pretty inside out

Sumeselfie lang :)

#picstitch #100happydays fatuns birthday

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Perfect spring dress from Athropologie.



Pool house guest room in Jupiter, FL. Bruce Bierman Design.

Possibly the most perfect all white bedroom

this was taken during our weekend stay at rotana beach resort. it was so much fun and i had my time to relax. my stay there was much more fun because of my friends amna and lhyza. i wound really love to have another getaway with them.

(Made with #InstaMessageApp) #mmoo hehehe

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I know there is no reason to celebrate the distance but yet i am proud of us. We made it this far. 3 years of distance made us strong and realize how much we love each other. Thank you for staying #100happydays #longdistance #truelove #ofw


Quotes here

Loving my everyday :(

#picstitch #100happydays #startingoveryou #paparoti

#100happydays welcome to world baby farah #congratyvonne

#InstaSize #zumba #sweatitout #100happydays #feelgood #dayoff

i'm cherry a lover, a flamboyant dreamer, and a dainty posh. i am attached to my career . Fashion is my passion, family is my sanctity and the Lord God is my fortitude :)

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